Birthday-Girl! 4•6

Στις 4/6 είχα τα γενέθλια μου. Για εμένα υπήρξε μια μαγική και μοναδική ημέρα, γεμάτη χαρά κυρίως. Για αυτό και θέλω να ευχαριστήσω τους φίλους μου, για όλες αυτές τις κινήσεις που έκαναν ώστε να μου κάνουν αυτήν την μέρα μοναδική. Οπότε προς τους φίλους μου που φρόντισαν για αυτό "Παιδιά σας ευχαριστώ πολύ και [...]


The view from….The White Tower

The White Tower of Thessaloniki is a monument and museum on the waterfront of the city of Thessaloniki with a great (and bloody) history. Me and my friends went to White Tower in order to take some photos, and I want to share them with you. You can read about history of White Tower of Thessaloniki Wikipedia here. [...]

Mini trip…Metsovo(2016)

Last year me and some friends went a mini trip on Mesovo.You can read here more informations about Metsovo: Metsovo Wiki . It was a great experience,visiting such an interesting place like that. The only drawback was the cold weather and the very expensive shops and coffee shops. But, we had a great time and I am looking [...]