Mini Trip….Arta

Several months ago me and some friends (Steve, Chrisa and Mike) went on a mini trip to Arta. It was fantastic place and we had a great time. Arta is the town that my dad hails from and I visited very often with my family in order to visit my grandmother V.


Arta is know for her stone bridge that crosses the Arachthos river, «Arta’s Bridge». [Wikipedia, Bridge of Arta.] Also there is a dark story about this beauty bridge.

2017-10-01 08.12.46 4.jpg

The rumor says that the leadership of the Head Builder sacrifice his wife, by buried her alive in the foundations of the construction.

2017-10-01 08.12.29 2.jpg

We wad our coffee near the river and it was so relaxing.

2017-10-01 08.12.06 2.jpg2017-10-01 08.11.54 2.jpg

The weather was perfect and after we had our coffee we went on walk.2017-10-01 08.12.23 2.jpg

It was late afternoon so we had time to check out the market and eat something.

2017-10-01 08.12.27 2.jpg

After that we went to visit another one amazing place….The Church of the Parigoritissa.

I really loved it seeing all these old buildings and churches. It was very picturesque!

2017-10-01 08.11.56 1.jpg

For the end of this photo review of Arta I am feeling so good. It’s a very vintage place, full of stones! 😛

Have you ever been there? Did you like it?


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