About me!

Hello, little ghosts. This is my second post, which means that this blog is official now 😛


Well it still needs a lot of work and improvements and for me writing in English is kinda difficult …but! I wanted to do this post, and talk about me to let you know me better.

So this is going to be a post with random facts about me.


  1. My full name is Vasiliki and my nickname is Casperblog 2.jpg
  2. My birthday is June 4rth. (I am a Gemini )
  3. My natural haircolour is light blonde and my eyes are light blue. (and a photo of me when I was 5)wsaf.jpg
  4. I’m very short  (1.55 height)
  5. I’m right-handed
  6. I’m living in Ioannina, Greece2014-10-11 16.jpg
  7. I’m studying Fine Arts in UoI(University of Ioannina)
  8. My favorite color is light blue 💙and pink!
  9. I have a dog. A little cocker spaniel, 9years old and her name is ReaP8131623.jpg
  10. My favourite animals are owls and hedgehogs
  11. . I am very afraid of bugs,even the dead ones. I don’t wanna see them or be around them. They are my biggest fear.
  12. This is my favourite quote: Red_Space_Clouds_Wallpaper.jpg


If you have any question for me or you want to share some facts about you, you can leave a comment.

Ι hope you like it and see you again soon,

xxx Vasia


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