Welcome to my blog! <3

Hello, let me introduce myself!

This is me….



I’m Vasia, a 22 years old girl living in Greece.

This blog thing is something new to me, but I’ll do my best. I am thinking of it like a personal challenge and is something I wanted to do so long.


And its scary because I know nothing about blogging, but I am going to try so If you have any tips for me to get started, please do let me know! Because I am definitely going to need all of them!

Well…. like I said I am Greek, and I live in Ioannina. Also, I am studying Fine Art and Art Sciences Department at UOI. It is kinda like “Living the dream” ….studying to be an artist for real but… its difficult sometimes. And it needs a lot of practice and work, but I believe that its worth it.  With this blog I’ll let you know about my personal experiences, my everyday life and much more.


My favourite subject so far is photography, but I want to show you, more of my art…. More projects with paintings, video Art, installation art and everything we are studying.


Also, my blog logo isn’t ready yet ,but soon…..


Thank you so much for visiting my blog and

I hope you like it ❤


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